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About Me

I LOVE my job! It’s the perfect combination for my love of animals and art. I get so excited when I’m asked to illustrate a beloved pet... I drool over their pictures and paw (sorry) over their owners’ stories about them...sometimes I’m lucky enough to meet all helps me to capture their uniqueness in my illustration.

I’ve drawn animals ever since I could hold a crayon, but over the last few years I’ve discovered my love for charcoal; it allows so much depth and expression and is such a striking medium…but the real beauty is that it’s worthy of ‘BIG!’.

The portraits I illustrate are unique (as are the models) and I hope become a treasured piece of art in your home. All commissions are quoted individually, based on your requirements, specifications and who you would like illustrated!

By the way... the handsome chap on my cover page is Enzo, one of our family dogs. It’s just after he’d had a muddy walk…which lead to a bath…which then lead to…‘The Towel’! (Bless him!)